Badge Policy

All attendees in EKC 2019 sessions or events are required to register and must wear their badges at all times within the meeting venues. Security will be in place to ensure that all participants are wearing badges. Anyone not wearing a badge will be asked to leave the EKC 2019 functions immediately. Lost badges can be verified and replaced by reporting to the registration area during posted registration hours.

Recording/Photo Policy

All participants are encouraged to network and enjoy the meeting experience. As such, capturing memories of casual meeting activities and networking is permitted with the permission of those being prominently photographed. Recording or photographing of formal meeting presentations, posters, or displays is strictly prohibited without permission of EKC 2019 and the presenter. No individual or entity may electronically record or broadcast any portion of the EKC 2019 without prior written consent of EKC 2019. Videos and Photos for EKC 2019 Use EKC 2019 attendance implies your consent to be photographed, filmed and/or otherwise recorded for use on the EKC 2019 website ( or news publications. Please note that no technical presentations will be recorded without prior consent of EKC 2019 and the authors. Those who do not comply with the EKC 2019 Recording/Photo Policy may be asked to leave the premises.

EKC 2019 Code of Conduct

A Core Value of EKC is being broadly inclusive and egalitarian. EKC 2019 attendees are expected to foster an inclusive, cooperative environment where all are welcomed, open dialogue is encouraged and all perspectives are appreciated. Every attendees are expected to act in a professional, responsible and courteous manner while engaged in EKC 2019 events and activities. Unprofessional behaviour, including disparaging comments and unwelcome conduct related to sex, race, colour, gender, age, disability, orientation or religion, will not be tolerated. If any member or event participant engages in unprofessional behaviour, EKC 2019 leadership may take any action it deems appropriate, ranging from a simple warning to the offender to expulsion from current and future EKC activities.


The official language of EKC 2019 is English. All abstracts and proceedings must be submitted in English and all presentations must be delivered in English. Translation and interpreting services will not be available.