For 12 years, Europe-Korea Conference on Science and technology (EKC) has been the premiere conference for Korean and European engineers and scientists to present their recent achievements. Drawing participants from Korea and Europe, EKC seeks to develop new relationships, exchange knowledge & ideas and discuss recent progress and future trends in Science and Technology.

EKC provides numerous opportunities for attendees to develop friendship and exchange valuable knowledge and bright ideas. It is also an outstanding chance to meet and network with engineers and scientists from Korea and Europe.

EKC 2019, the 12th EKC, will be held in Vienna, Austria from 15 - 19 July 2019. It will be hosted by the Korean Scientists and Engineers Association in Austria (KOSEAA) together with the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST) and eight other Korean Scientists and Engineers Associations in Europe which are in Germany (VeKNI), the UK (KSEAUK), France (ASCoF), Austria (KOSEAA), Finland (KOSES), Scandinavia (KSSEA), the Netherlands (KOSEANL), Switzerland (KSEAS), and Belgium (KOSEAbe). Since its first successful start in 2008 in Heidelberg, Germany, EKC has been held annually in different European countries and has become the most important scientific and social event, bringing scientists and engineers from Europe and Korea together.

EKC 2018

Science, Technology and Humanity - PORTAL 4 INDUSTRY

2018, Glasgow in the UK

EKC 2017

Creating New Possibilities for better Life through Science, Technology and Humanity

2017, Stockholm in Sweden

EKC 2016

Science, Technology and Humanity: Gateway to the Future

2016, Berlin in Germany

EKC 2015

Science, Technology and Humanity: Scientists and Engineers Working for Better Life

2015, Strasbourg in France
EKC 2014

Science, Technology and Humanity: The role of Science and Technology for good of humanity

2014, Vienna in Austria

EKC 2013

Science, Technology and Humanity: Open Innovation

2013, Brighton in the UK

EKC 2012

Science, Technology and Humanity: The future

2012, Berlin in Germany

EKC 2011

Science, Technology and Humanity: Toward green growth

2011, Paris in France

EKC 2010

Science, Technology and Humanity: Science + Technology and culture

2010, Vienna in Austria

EKC 2009

Science, Technology and Humanity: Greenness

2009, Reading in the UK

EKC 2008

Dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the foundation of VeKNI

2008, Heidelberg in Germany