Searching for Funding Opportunities in Europe? Tirelessly looking for International Fellowships & Grants?

EKC 2019 provides a platform to foster emerging Korean researchers in Europe through "Frontier Research Opportunities through EU/International Grants" programme.
The programme provides information on EU/International grants and fellowships for future grantees/awardees.

Who: Europe/Korea-based Emerging Korean Researchers
When: July 16th & 18th, 2019
Where: EKC 2019 Venue, Vienna, Austria
We’ll cover: European Research Council grants, Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Fellowships & Grants, Horizon 2020 projects & Human Frontier Science Program Fellowships & Grants
With: ERC President, HFSP Secretary General, and many Korean Grantees & Fellows


16 Jul 1400-1520 Fellowship Opportunities for Frontier Research flyer (link)
16 Jul 1540-1700 EU & International Grant Opportunities for Frontier Research flyer (link)
18 Jul 1300-1500 Frontier Research Opportunities through EU & International Grants & Fellowships flyer (link)

* Sessions on July 16th will be closed sessions in Korean, requiring pre-registration, with testimonials by Korean Grantees & Fellowship Awardees.
* Session on July 18th will be an open session in English, with Speakers from various organizations including ERC and HFSP.